How We Work?
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

From the last 32 years, BJS has been working all over India in the field of Social, Educational and Disaster Management. There is a strong network spread out all over Maharashtra in every District and Taluka. BJS founder Shri. Shanatilal Muttha had carried out his Pedestrian in1989 in all over the Maharashtra and had visited Buldhana also. Since then, BJS Coordinators are giving their contribution in Buldhanaa district for various social works.

From the various drought affected districts of Maharashtra, Buldhana District is selected as first from where to have the start of Maharashtra Drought Free Campaign. There is a huge enthusiasm in BJS Coordinators to fulfill the dream of making the state drought free. From every village of the district, all Coordinators, youngsters and a lot of enthusiastic men and women have already joined the noble work. According to everybody’s capacity, all will be getting opportunities to put in their own contributions in this work. BJS Coordinators are having a long experience and they are also acknowledged as successful professionals and skilled leaders. Till today, BJS Coordinators have given their valuable contribution in all Natural Disasters. BJS is doing educational rehabilitation work for the farmer suicide affected children in Maharashtra.  In this work also, BJS Coordinators are taking efforts.

Converting Buldhana district in Sujalam Suphalam Stage is a new golden opportunity to BJS Coordinators. During this year, keeping their business aside and getting away from their families, all of them will put in all their efforts in this work as well, as we have done it in earlier projects too.