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Participation of local individuals / organizations
From Maharashtra, all the persons want to take part in this Maharashtra Drought Free Campaign and to put in their contribution in this work, which is quite natural. Let’s make it very clear that BJS is not accepting any financial help from any one. But, for the active Participation and involvement of the local individuals / organizations, following options are open.

Organizing Shramadan Program
As this work will be in all taluka of the district, shramadan programs can be organized in every taluka. This Shramdan program will be a good opportunity to us to go very close to farmers and they will also be happy to know that so many hands are there to help them and a large society is standing behind them. This activity will help in filling the gap between village and citizens. Shramdan helps us in positive thinking, and this way of positive thinking may protest the farmers from suicide.  Such type of Shramadan programs arranged by Sayav Sevy Saintha, Mahila Madley, Youth Yuva mandale, School, Colleges, co-operatives samsthaa, banks, or other individuals will be new conscious to farmers.

Such shramadan programs can be arranged on account of anniversaries, marriage anniversaries and its photographs can be forwarded to the relatives and information of this can also be sent out to cities which will inspire the citizens to act in such a social work.  This type of Sharamdan programs are to be arranged by local individuals/organizations.

To make much more Machines available
There is a large work to be completed in one year in whole Buldhana District. BJS has made the arrangement of 134 machines, but taking in to consideration the vast area, availability of much more machine will be quite helpful. So you can hire such JCB/ POKLAN machines and provide it on the site where necessary and take part in this Maharashtra Drought Free Campaign.

Public awareness campaigns
This Public awareness campaigns needs visit to village, arranging various programs such as a bhajan and kirtan, to convey the importance of water to villagers, to arrange courses and classes for strengthening the youth power, tree plantation, cleanliness campaigns etc.

Health Awareness
To arrange health camps on taluka level for health awareness and to improve health standard in the whole district.

Public awareness campaigns for agriculture, soil, water and crops
In Maharashtra many individuals / organizations have worked in large for agriculture, soil, water and crops. We can call such successful individuals/organizations to visit our farmers and to give them valuable guidance so that our district will become more active.

To arrange skill development program for solving unemployment of district
In Maharashtra many organizations are working on skill development programs .We can arrange various courses with the help of these organizations in our district to solve unemployment problem.

And all others who are willing to participate in the program in any form of ‘shramadhan’ are most welcome and the opportunities will be provided to them at the earliest

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