How We Work?

Our Commitment

From the last 32 years, BJS has been working all over India in the field of Social, Educational and Disaster Management. There is a strong network spread out all over Maharashtra in every District and Taluka. BJS founder Shri. Shanatilal Muttha had carried out his Pedestrian in1989 in all over the Maharashtra and had visited Buldhana also. Since then, BJS Coordinators are giving their contribution in Buldhanaa district for various social works.

From the various drought affected districts of Maharashtra, Buldhana District is selected as first from where to have the start of Maharashtra Drought Free Campaign. There is a huge enthusiasm in BJS Coordinators to fulfill the dream of making the state drought free. From every village of the district, all Coordinators, youngsters and a lot of enthusiastic men and women have already joined the noble work. According to everybody’s capacity, all will be getting opportunities to put in their own contributions in this work. BJS Coordinators are having a long experience and they are also acknowledged as successful professionals and skilled leaders. Till today, BJS Coordinators have given their valuable contribution in all Natural Disasters. BJS is doing educational rehabilitation work for the farmer suicide affected children in Maharashtra.  In this work also, BJS Coordinators are taking efforts.

Converting Buldhana district in Sujalam Suphalam Stage is a new golden opportunity to BJS Coordinators. During this year, keeping their business aside and getting away from their families, all of them will put in all their efforts in this work as well, as we have done it in earlier projects too.

Our Approach

BJS has decided to inaugurate and start the project work on March 3, 2018. They will complete all the proposed works for the development of catchment area in the district by April 2019. The machines will be working for the ‘Water Cup’ competition of Paani Foundation from 22nd April till 22nd May, except three talukas in Buldhana.

Cooperation between Government of Maharashtra and District administration

Maharashtra Government, District Administration, ZP Office and the officials overlooking the various structures are working day and night and are extending remarkable efforts for the purpose of giving relief to Buldhana district from drought. The results will clearly demonstrate that NGOs and district administrations can work together in unison and make the district free of drought.

Collaborations with various organizations

BJS while working towards eradication of drought in Buldhana District has plans on involving various specialized organizations for a holistic development of the people in Buldhana. They will work on missions like bringing people together and impressing upon them the importance of water and rural development. They will also train people for empowerment through their Gram Panchayats and self-help groups. They will initiate & impart value based education in Zilla Parishad schools. They will conduct programs for empowerment of women, tree- plantation & basic sanitation in Buldhana district. For this purpose, BJS is collaborating with organizations like Mission Samruddhi, Swadesh Foundation, Shantilal Muttha Foundation, Desh Apanaiye and a few others.

How we develop strategy?

How we develop strategy?

In its endeavor to free a district from drought in a years’ time, BJS has purchased134 JCB & Pokland machines. BJS plans on utilizing these machines to their maximum capacity in the district for this project.

MoU with the District Administration

A meeting took place between Bharatiya Jain Sangatana and District Collector of Buldhana,
Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad & resident Deputy Collector to discuss the process of making Buldhana district ‘Sujalam Sufalam’ i.e. making it drought-free and bring prosperity. It was decided that BJS will not take any remuneration from the Maharashtra Government or the District Administration for this work. However, the District Administration has taken up the responsibility of providing diesel for all the JCB and Pokland machines needed for this work. The district administration will extend its wholehearted co-operation to BJS in this endeavor. BJS and District Administration have accordingly signed a Memorandum of Understanding between them stating the above points.

Appointment of Technical Consultants

Since all the work is being done for development of the catchment area and the watershed areas in Buldhana district, a professional agency from Pune city, named ‘Primov’ is appointed for technical guidance on this subject.

BJS Office in Buldhana

A BJS office has been set up for this purpose in “Gandhi Bhavan”, a centrally located place near the S.T. station in Buldhana. Similarly, the taluka offices of BJS have also been set up in every taluka. This will greatly facilitate the coordination between the farmers, government officials and the BJS officials from all the talukas.

Work process

  • District administration and BJS will jointly create a work plan for each month for every taluka.
  • Every taluka will be allotted 10 machines each at the start of the project.
  • The administrative officials of the district, BJS officials and activists will jointly discuss with the farmers and the villagers to determine the procedure for carrying away the silt and spreading it over their farms. Also, they should set priority criteria for the beneficiaries of the silt distribution work.
  • Various awareness campaigns/programs will be organized in the entire district regarding water and Capacity Building programs for the youth and women.
  • District Administrative Officials and BJS officials in the district will jointly supervise the work. They have to ensure all the paperwork/formalities are complied with and the work starts and finishes with in the scheduled time-frame.
  • BJS has created a special mobile app for keeping track of this work. It will provide a snapshot of all the work that is happening in real time which will help to keep a tab on all the activities at site and a speedy rectification if necessary.
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