Akola Case Studies

Pond rejuvenation in Punda village

In Punda village, one of the most ancient pond is situated which is spread in 29 acres area. The pond has two parts: Manakarna and Nandisagar. Though water in Manakarna pond is sweet and the community uses this water for drinking purpose, still no maintenance or earth-work has been done in pond since 1984. thPond rejuvenation work was started on 16 January 2019 under Sujalam Suphalam project. Eart-work was conducted for 54 days using 3 backhoe machines and 45,000 cubic meters of silt was excavated. Approximate 167 farmers used the silt to spread it in their farmland hoping to get better yield of crops in the future.

Water Conservation activities in Gorwa village

Maharashtra is facing drought since almost a decade now. Due to consecutive drought like situation, level of water in Water Bodies has decreased drastically and is affecting the socio-economic condition of the farmers and community badly. Gorwa is an agriculture dominated village in Barshi Takali Taluka with a population 1000 to 1200 people. Inadequate availability of water for irrigation was the main concern for the farmers. Basically the top soil cover got vanished and only rocky land was available. To get a better yield of crop ample availability of water is required. Due to undulating topography and considerable sloppy land, rainwater use to flow downward speedily. Village Head (Sarpanch) approached the Government to conduct the water conservation work in the village. Under ‘Sujalam Suphalam’ Naala deepening, farm pond, CCT, deep CCT, and all such works were executed on a large scale with the help of the Social Forestry Department, Agriculture Department, and ZP minor Irrigation department. Villagers are expecting that in the coming year rainwater will get stored in these water structures and will help them in farming.

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