Who We Are?


Over through the years, BJS has completed many disaster management projects in the areas of rehabilitation of the children of suicidal farmer’s, drought relief and other areas of disaster management. A year ways short history is given below.

1993: Successful educational rehabilitation of 1200 children brought from the earthquake affected area in Latur brought to Pune, from class 5 till graduation.

From 1997: BJS has successfully accomplished educational rehabilitation of under nourished Adivasi children from Melghat in Maharashtra from 5th to 12th standard, from 1997 till date.

1997: Educational rehabilitation of 50 earthquake victims from Jabalpur in Pune.

2001: Construction of semi-permanent buildings for 368 schools in only 90 days for the earthquake affected areas of Gujarat & Kutch. These buildings were inaugurated at the hands of the then Prime Minister Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee and handed over to the Gujarat State Government.

2002: Temporary relocation of 15,000 flood victims in Akola district of ​​Maharashtra

2004: Construction of 34 primary health care centers and 11 schools for Tsunami victims in Andaman-Nicobar which were handed over to the state government within one year.

2005: Provided 870 pre-fabricated materials for setting up 870 temporary houses within 40 days, for the 15,000 earthquake victims of Jammu and Kashmir.

2005: Distribution of essential items to 5,000 people in flood affected area in Maharashtra

2008: Provided Health centers for 1.5 lakh flood victims for 181 days in Bihar floods.

2015: Educational rehabilitation of 550 children of farmers who committed suicides from 32 districts of Maharashtra

2015: Distribution of food and other essential supplies to families and conducting medical camps for the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal and rescue operations in many places in subsequent shocks.

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