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Water Restoration

Sujalam Suphalam

Buldhana district is known as a draught-affected district of Vidarbha region. The district has more than 26 lakh population and 78% of the population belongs to the rural areas. Purna and Penganga rivers run through Buldhana district and there are more than 300 small & large lakes and a watershed area with a network of around 1800 water nullahs spread over the district. According to the statistical figures available with the district administration, it is estimated that 2191structures are available for the development of watershed area in the district and as per the estimates, it has the de-silting capacity of 3 crore 80 lakh cubic meters. There is a backlog of irrigation work amounting to 2 lakh 11 thousand hectare in this district. As per Kelkar Committee report, an area of ​​7 lakh 80 thousand hectare area can be cultivated in Buldhana district. The available water in the district is only 22.2% and to cultivate in this land, water storage capacity required is 78%.

With the Sufalam Sujalam project, the water in the entire district will be restored in one year time that will make the Buldhana district drought free. Water storage capacity will increase by 2 crore 50 lakh cubic meter and Fifty thousand acres of land will turn fertile. This operation will increase the water storage capacity to 1 TMC (thousand million cubic feet). As a result of de-silting, water percolation will improve and the underground water levels will increase in this area.

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