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Sujalam Suphalam

Sujalam Sufalam

All the available reports indicate that Buldhana district suffers under the most intense drought than any other region in Maharashtra. Thus, after considering these facts & Government statistical data, BJS has taken the decision to free this drought-affected district entirely. In a year’s time, this district will be transformed and the vision of “Sujalam Sufalam – Buldhana”(abundance of clean water and prosperity in Buldhana) will bear fruit.

With this project, our vision and mission is to select a drought-affected district in Maharashtra and with the help of 100-150 JCB / Pokland machines, make the entire district drought-free in a year. Include participation of Government of Maharashtra, District Administration, various NGOs, Corporate Funding Agencies, Public Representatives and villagers in this campaign. Generate awareness about rural development and importance of water among the people of this district, as well as capacity building of people in the entire district in this context. Also maintain project documentation from start to finish for the same. With the successful completion of this one-year pilot, this model can be thus implemented and scaled up in any other district to make it drought free.