Buldhana Case Studies

‘Sujalam Suphalam’ a Ray of Hope for the Village

During the British era, Khamgaon was known as “Cotton City”, due to the rich and high-quality production of cotton. As the time passed with the irregular rainfall pattern, it has lost its grace.Approximate 90% of the village population(10,000) are dependent on rain-fed agriculture work. The only nala in the village is in despairand defunct condition due to siltation and irregular monsoon. BJS mobilised the community and conducted the required earthwork in the ‘Nala’.

Around 41 thousand cubic meters of silt was excavated enabling the increased water holding capacity by 4 crores litres of water. The excavated silt was also used by farmers to spread in the area of 68 acres of land to improve farm productivity. With the expectation of improved crop production, farmers are now thinking about changing the crop pattern and use of high yielding varieties. Further, farmers are also thinking about diversifying to horticultural crops.

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